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Seafood HACCP 

Segment one is the self-paced Seafood HACCP Internet Course hosted by Cornell University. Upon completion of Segment one, you will be emailed a course completion notice. Registration is online for Segment one. After finishing the online course and receiving the notice of completion of the course by Cornell University, attend a Segment Two one-day course that is also taught by Alliance instructors. (A Segment One Internet Course completion notice is required for a Segment Two course.)


Seafood HACCP

Part One 

Virtual Live - Instructor Led

On ZOOM with Alex after Finishing the Self-Paced Part by Cornell University.
Please Contact Alex

Part Two

One Day Live Virtual through ZOOM with Alex after Finishing the Self-Paced Part One by Cornell University


Onsite In-Plant at Your Facilities or In-Plant with In-Plant 

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More Information and Syllabus

This course meets the HACCP training requirements of the Title 21 CFR Part 123.10 of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The course is taught by Seafood HACCP Alliance certified lead instructor(s). The hazard analysis and critical control training (HACCP) program for fish and fishery products has been developed by the Association of Food and Drug Officials (AFDO) and the Seafood HACCP Alliance (SHA). The purpose of the program is to assist development, implementation and maintenance of a HACCP program in commercial and regulatory settings. Upon successful completion of the course, participants receive a Certificate of Course  Completion from the Association of Food and Drug Officials (AFDO) to demonstrate that they meet the training requirements of the FDA Seafood HACCP Regulation.

Chapter 1. Introduction to the Alliance Course and HACCP
Chapter 2. Prerequisite Programs and Sanitation Control Procedures
Chapter 3. Seafood Safety Hazards
Chapter 4. Preliminary Steps in Developing a HACCP Plan
Chapter 5. Principle 1. Hazard Analysis
Chapter 6. Principle 2. Determine Critical Control Points
Chapter 7. Principle 3. Establish Critical Limits
Chapter 8. Principle 4. Critical Control Point Monitoring
Chapter 9. Principle 5. Corrective Actions
Chapter 10 Principle 6. Establish Verification Procedures
Chapter 11. Principle 7. Record-Keeping Procedures
Chapter 12. Principle 8. The Seafood HACCP Regulation
Chapter 13. Resources for Preparing HACCP Plans
Appendix 1. FDA’s Seafood HACCP Regulation
Appendix 2. HACCP Worksheets
Appendix 3. Current Good Manufacturing Practices
Appendix 4. Glossary

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