The Mission of Professional Food Safety is to provide high quality customized food safety consulting, auditing, training, HACCP Plan Assembly and Food Safety Manual Development to Food Processing, Packaging, Storage and Distribution Centers and Service Businesses focusing on the Food Industry.
          Accredited and Approved Training Provider for BRC, SQF and the International HACCP Alliance.

Food Safety Training and Consulting Services for Food and Food Related Industries

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We, at Professional Food Safety, are Illinois Department of Public Health and Chicago Department of Public Health approved Food Service Sanitation Manager  course providers and instructors.  We are offering to you here access to an online 8 hour course and exam, which must be taken in person, that will meet the training requirements for both  IDPH and CDPH, to obtain your food service sanitation manager's certificate  We have an option to purchase the training course along with the exam as a bundle or each may be purchased separately depending upon your needs.  The training course has been approved by IDPH and CDP.  The exam provider is accredited by the American National Standards Institute as having met the standards of the Conference for Food Protection to offer the National Food Manager Exam through Test Centers throughout Illinois and the City of Chicago.

You will have access through email and by phone with Lori Randall, an IDPH and CDPH approved instructor and monitor, to answer any questions that you may have and to assist in submitting the necessary paperwork to IDPH and/or CDPH.

Here are the basic steps for successful completion:

· Purchase and complete the online training (We will need a copy of your completion certificate from the online training)

· Purchase and successfully complete the exam (You will know your status, pass or fail,  at the end of the exam.  You will receive your exam score in the mail, about two weeks following  the exam.  We need a copy of the document with your exam score)

· Submit to us your completion certificate from the online training and your exam score, along with your mailing address and your social security number.  Indicate which certificate, Illinois and/Chicago, you require.

· For the Chicago certificate, we will generate the necessary paperwork and email it back to you, so that you may submit it with $40 to the City of Chicago.  You may mail or take it in person to Malcolm X College.  The address will be on the paperwork we send to you.

· For the Illinois certificate, we will generate the pinkscan form and course enrollment form and submit them to IDPH in Springfield.  IDPH will process the paperwork, create and mail your application to the mailing address you have provided.  Complete the paperwork and return it to IDPH in Springfield along with $35.  You will receive your certificate in two to four weeks from IDPH receiving your application.



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