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HACCP Overview/ History
Discuss the needs for and benefits of HACCP
Describe USDA and FDA laws and regulations in relation to HACCP plans
Describe Industry Driven and Third Party Auditors requirements in relation to HACCP Plans

Prerequisite programs
Define and develop SOPs
Define and develop GMPs
Discuss the importance of SOPs and GMPs
Describe how SOPs and GMPs are necessary before developing a HACCP plan

(Workshop I)
Basic steps in the development of a HACCP plan
Assemble the HACCP team
Describe the product and its method of distribution
Develop a complete list of ingredients and raw material
Develop a process flow diagram

HACCP Principles
Presentation of HACCP principles as defined by 
CODEX Committee on Food Hygiene
and the National Advisory Committee on Microbiological Criteria for Food’s report on 
HACCP Systems, 3/20/92
Discuss the seven principles in detail

(Workshop II)
Principle 1- Conduct a Hazard Analysis
Biological Hazards
Chemical Hazards
Physical Hazards (Chapter 6 in Workshop Manual)
Conducting a Hazard Analysis
Steps in Conducting a Hazard Analysis
   First- Evaluate your operation for hazards
   Second- Observe the actual operating practices in your operation
Preventive Measures

(Workshop III)
Principle 2 - Identify Critical Control Points
Steps in Identifying Critical Control Points
CCP Decision Tree
Principle 3 - Establish Critical Limits
Steps in Establishing Critical Limits
Principle 4 - Establish Monitoring Procedures
Steps in Establishing Monitoring Procedures
Principle 5 - Establish Corrective Actions

(Workshop IV)
Steps in Establishing Corrective Actions
Principle 6 - Establish Record keeping Procedures
Steps in Establishing Record keeping Procedures
Principle 7 - Establish Verification Procedures
Steps in Establishing Verification Procedures
HACCP Groups re-evaluate, finalize and summarize 
(HACCP Team, Responsibilities 
and Record keeping format)

Group Presentation
Review Complimentary Resource Disc


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 HACCP Plan Development and Implementation-

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Over-all Course Objectives:
1.     Differentiate between Verification and Validation Activities
2.     Identify the Components of Prerequisite Program Verification
3.     Identify the Components of CCP Verification
4.     Identify the Components of HACCP System Verification
5.     Identify the Components of HACCP Plan Validation
6.     Identify Regulatory Requirements for Verification and Validation
Over-all Course Description:
1.     Course must cover all above-stated learning objectives and key goals for each objective.
2.     Course is designed to disseminate information via lecture and workshop environments.
Course Outline and Key Goals:
1.     HACCP Overview
·      Review prerequisite programs, the five preliminary steps of HACCP, and the seven HACCP Principles
·      Define Verification and Validation
2.     Verification of Prerequisite Programs
·      Develop a common understanding of Prerequisite Programs
·      Identify Verification and Validation activities for Prerequisite Programs
·      Understand the concept of Prerequisite Program Verification and Validation
·      Identify examples of specific activities for Prerequisite Program Verification and Validation
3.     CCP Verification
·      Understand the components of CCP Verification
·      Calibration
·      Records Review
·      Independent Observations / Checks
·      Identify specific examples of each CCP verification activity
·      Identify parties responsible for, and the frequencies (when and how often) of, conducting CCP verification activities 
·      Identify the CCP verification records
·      Describe the role of microbiological testing in CCP verification
4.     HACCP System Verification
·      Identify the differences between a HACCP Plan and a HACCP System
·      Describe the components of a HACCP System Verification
·      Identify examples of activities conducted in a HACCP system verification
·      Identify parties responsible for, and the frequencies (when and how often) of, conducting HACCP system verification activities 
·      Identify the HACCP system verification records
·      Demonstrate how to interpret and utilize the results of a HACCP System Verification
5.     HACCP Plan Validation
·      Contrast the differences between HACCP System Verification and HACCP Plan Validation
·      Propose how to evaluate the Hazard Analysis and other components of a HACCP plan (i.e., CCP, critical limits, monitoring activities, corrective actions, verification and record-keeping)
·      Identify examples of activities conducted in a HACCP plan validation
·      Identify parties responsible for conducting HACCP plan validation activities and their frequencies
·      Identify the HACCP plan validation records
·      Demonstrate how to interpret and utilize the results of a HACCP Plan Validation
6.     HACCP Regulatory Requirements (USDA, FDA, etc.)
·      Recognize the regulatory requirements related to verification and validation (“reassessment”) requirements
·      Identify current, pending and proposed Agency activities relating to Verification and Validation

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